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A Special Sauce for All the Barbeque Lovers

Steven A. Nunn Sr.’s passion for barbeque started in 1991 when he was 19 years old in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His late uncle challenged him to a barbeque contest that set him on the path to perfecting his barbequing skills and making the best barbeque.

Steve’s passion for barbeque later grew into making his own flavorful sauce. He learned which seasonings complemented each other to create the perfect mouthwatering flavor that he was looking for in a savory barbeque sauce. That flavorful blend of spices became the core mix for his sauces and dry rubs.

Barbeque is best when it’s fresh! In addition, barbeque is better enjoyed with family and friends. Steve recognized the excitement and happiness of family and friends as they experience the barbeque atmosphere. This sparked his desire to create tasty and finger-licking sauces, so people could recreate that fresh barbeque feeling in their own homes.

The Nunn Family BBQ Company in Grovetown, Georgia is dedicated to creating delicious barbeque sauces and dry rubs so families can come together and spend a great time with one another.

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